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Machine Spares

We Offer Skoda Machine Spares like Transducer, Bronze brush for Electromagnetic clutch, Electromagnetic Clutch, Disk Spring, Filters, Lubrication Pump, Pendent Hose & End Clamp, Limit Switches, Pneumatic values, Pendent box, Gears etc. Products Images

Retrofit | Up Grading

Red Alpha Mechatronics Services can recondition machinery made by any manufacturer. We Restore your machine to like-new condition by update all the electrical and mechanical components with suitable CNC controls. This is the ultimate in machine tool restoration, completely updating will increase the level of automation of your machinery, improve reliability, extend equipment life cycles with accuracies and tolerances that are superior to the original OEM tolerances.

Our Team has good experience & knowledge base generate over the years by working on , and the below listed machines.
S.No Machine Name S.No Machine Name
1 Berthiez Vertical turning lathe 14 Skoda Milling Machine
2 Skoda Horizontal Boring machine 15 Schiess Horizontal Boring Machine
3 Pama Speed Ram 4 Horizontal Boring Machine 16 Skoda Horizontal Lathe
4 TOS Horizontal Boring Machine 17 ACE Horizontal Lathe
5 Okuma Lathe 18 Skoda Rotary table
6 MAS Radial Drilling Machine 19 TOS Plano Miller FRP 12
7 MAS Horizontal Lathe 20 Cincinnati Plano Miller
8 Micron Grinding Machine 21 Cincinnati Milling Machine
9 Titan VTL 22 WMW Rotary Table
10 Waldrich Siegen Horizontal Lathe 23 Waldrich Plano Miller
11 Russian Vertical Turning Lathe 24 Foriep Horizontal Borer
12 Juaristi Horizontal Boring Machine 25 Sacem Horizontal Boring Machine
13 WMW Vertical Turning Lathe 26 Kopp Milling Machine

We Design and Manufacture Facing, Milling and Grinding Head Attachments Suitable for their Machine with Customer Requirement.